Great News with Matilda Jane Clothing!! | DATE CHANGE

I was contacted by a Matilda Jane Clothing Rep and she thought it would be a great idea to pair up with Bliss Photography Studios LLC so we could host a trunk show displaying the new spring line of clothing, the House of Clouds.

This means great news for all you women and children, CLOTHES!!!  Bliss Photography Studios will be hosting a trunk show at the studio for you to view, feel, touch, and see the upcoming new Spring clothing line House of Clouds with Matilda Jane.   It is the cutest line yet and they have added tons more adult pieces to the shop!!!

I am super excited to pair up with Matilda Jane Clothing because they have the best clothes from a photographers stand point.  The clothes have great color, textures, style, and personality which makes them photograph beautifully!!!

The best part of this event is FREE STUFF!!! Yes I said it!!! FREE STUFF!!! I am going to be giving out free mini sessions along with print credits.  Each and every person that comes to the truck show will receive something!! I promise!!!  And I will also have tons of  food!!!  Now who would want to pass on an awesome event like this.  You get to sit and shop, look,  feel, touch and try on beautiful clothes and win FREE STUFF and eat tons of food!!!!!

If you have been wanting to schedule a session with Bliss Photography Studios and just have not had the time or the Christmas Holiday shopping got to you,  this is your chance to get a FREE session with Bliss Photography Studios!!!  Spring is right around the corner so it is the perfect time for a family/children session!!!!!

I will be giving out 1st, 2nd , and 3rd prize winners from Bliss Photography Studios and then with each and every person that arrives they will receive a gift from Bliss Photography Studios.

So please Save this DATE!!!


Date:  February 19, 2011

NEW DATE:   MARCH 5, 2011

Time:  10am-12pm

Place:  Bliss Photography Studios LLC

Good News about the date change!!!!!!  The good news is Matilda Jane has a second release date for the House of Clouds Spring Collection.  The second date is March 1st so since the date changed, we will get to see the preview of the House of Clouds with both the Feb release and the March release so that means MORE CLOTHES!!!  It is going to be awesome.

I apologize for those of you that committed for the Feb date but Matilda Jane sold way more than they expected and inventory is really low and my rep did not want to host a show with limited stock! I hope you can make it to the new date!

I will send out formal invitations at a later date, if you are interested and feel you would like to attend this event for a chance to win tons of FREE STUFF from Bliss Photography Studios,  Please drop me an email with your Name and Address and I will send out an invitation!.  I will only be taking RSVP’s so I can make sure I accommodate all guests with free gifts and get enough food!!!

Contact me here:

If you are unfamiliar with Matilda Jane they offer clothing for women and children with a funky and fun twist to clothes!

Here are a couple of samples of the new Spring line!

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